The Ultimate Guide To Finding A Mentor of Your Own

What is Mentorship?

Who is a Mentor?

A mentor is someone who has agreed, often without requiring a form of payment, to share their experiences, tap into their resources and introduce you to their larger connections, in order to help you grow. They are willing to let you sneak a peek into their past successes and failures so that you can make more informed and better decisions when in the same or similar circumstances. Additionally, they will hardly enforce their ideologies on you and will instead, allow you to explore your own.

Mentorship Vs Coaching?

Famous People Who Have Attributed Part of Their Success to their Mentors

  1. Oprah Winfrey was mentored by Maya Angelou, a famous poet, and a three-time Grammy winner.
  2. Bill Gates, the second wealthiest person in the world, was mentored by Warren Buffet, a fellow top ten billionaire on the Forbes Billionaires List.
  3. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, was mentored at one time by the late Steve Jobs, the visionary who led Apple to what it is today.

Why Then Should You Bother Getting a Mentor Too?

If such incredibly prominent people could dare have mentors, then it means that there is something right about it. Though indulging mentors is entirely optional, having one gives you an extra edge in making it

Now, How Do you get a Person to Mentor You?

Where Do You Find and Meet Mentors?



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